Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting Wonky With Our Wonky Blocks

We held our 2nd quilting get together and sadly there wasn't too many "getting together." May is such a busy month, we really had a hard time finding a day that worked for everyone. Hopefully next month will be better. We missed having everyone there.
It was fun to see Merry's, Sue Ann's and Carli's quilts from last month done, or at least partially done.

Lori had been working on a different pattern that is ready to be put together. It is looking so
cute. We all loved the colors. She'll have to post a picture when it's all done!
We had our first "block swap" too. That was fun!
These are the wonky blocks we got done that night. We will put them, plus more, together to make our charity quilt. It's turning out to be pretty cool looking. There were a few who had a really hard time purposely making the blocks uneven "wonky". After a couple blocks were all done, they relaxed and could see it was all part of the fun of the quilt. It's always nice when you have an excuse to be a little "OFF!"