Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Next Get-Together...

Hey girls!

Our next get-together will be on Tuesday, July 21 at 6:30 at the scrapbook store. Our project, if you want to participate, is going to be a pinwheel quilt.

For this quilt, you will need:

Pinwheels: 1 layer cake (or 4 charm packs)
Background: 3 1/2 yards (we both chose plain white)
Border: 1 1/8 yards
Binding: 2/3 yard
Back: 5 1/4 yards (FYI: Gracie Lou's gives 20% off the back if you buy everything at once)

Finished quilt will measure 72" x 87" and will consist of 80 - 7 1/2" pinwheel blocks...

Bring your fabric that night and we will show you how to cut it (we will type up the full pattern to give you there). We are both about halfway finished with our quilts, so we will bring what we have to show you! It is a very fun quilt! Also, remember to bring your block for the block-swap if you would like, and your 3 finished 12"x 12" wonky log cabin blocks for our charity quilt.

Hope you all can make it! :)

Carli Wright & Leslie Clawson

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My First Quilt (Connie)

Camille from Simplify and Carrie from LaVieenrosie are hosting a Parade of Quilts. It's going to be so much fun to see everyone's past and present quilts.
My very first quilt was made for my daughter, Kaydee, twenty seven years ago. It was a panel that I started to hand quilt. My grandma took one look at it and told me that the poor baby was going to get her toenails stuck in the stitches! I put it in a drawer and never brought it back out.
Twenty five years later my next FIRST QUILT was a rag quilt. (You can see it there in the background, sorry I don't have a better picture). I made it for Kaydee also.
The thing I learned from making it, is that I didn't want to ever snip demin in a rag quilt again! Also it put the desire for quilting back in my life. Thank goodness for machine quilting so the people who are wrapped up in one of my quilts won't have to worry about having their toenails get stuck in the stitches!

My latest, completely finished, quilt is this one. I did it as a "thank-you" gift. It was so much fun to do because of all the bright colors and because of where it was going.


Hey all of you "Sowing" chicks, I ran across a fun project for us all to do. Click on this link to see Camille's post about her Parade of Quilts.

Rest your head on a PILLOW

I haven't done much sewing lately. This is a hard time of year to find a few spare minutes to do it. So recently I've just done a couple of pillows since I haven't had time to do anything big like a quilt. I thought I'd share.

They are a bit on the bright side but I think they are fun. I just used scraps that I had hanging around.